Radharc Landscaping

Website Revamp

Catherine and Sharon from Radharc Landscaping approached Boon Agency looking for an overhall of their old website. Radharc Landscaping have been creating beautiful gardens for over thirty years and they wanted their website to reflect the quality of their work.

We evaluated the Radharc Landscaping website to see what was missing and where we could improve on existing content and features. An effective redesign of a website is about more than giving a site a fresh new look; it’s about generating new clients and customers.

What Catherine Had to Say

“Our website needed a facelift and it was on a platform that was limited. We got in contact with Boon Agency and explained our requirements . The Boon team were very approachable and professional. They listened to us, understood our needs, offered excellent advice and we are delighted with the result.”

What was involved?

Delivering the redesigned Radharc Landscaping website involved:

User Interface and UX Design
Content Restructuring
Development and Testing
Client Training

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