Castlerea Town App


We had just completed the technical roadmap for our Town Apps initiative and were discussing which town to approach first when the phone rang. It was Susan Gaynor from Castlerea Town Team, she was looking for an app for her town, we were ecstatic.

We met with Susan the following day and walked her through the features of the town apps, it was a match made in heaven. Susan give us some great, practical advice to improve the app and then we got to work on the Castlerea App.

Joined up thinking.

This project would not have been possible to execute without the Castlerea Town Team. Town Teams present a united front, this makes it easier and faster to make the necessary decisions and arrive at better outcomes. The best thing about working with Towns to create our apps are the stories that you discover along the way, check out Cindy the Elephant.

The Castlerea App includes business listings, where to eat and drink, historical places of interest, where to stay, important information, walks and local news. There is a lot more to come with retail coupons and event ticketing in the development pipeline.

Client Feedback

“Boon understood our vision for our town and App and then walked us through their development process step by step to meet and exceed our expectations”

What was involved?

Delivering the Castlerea Town App required:
User Interface and UX Design
System Architecture
Development and Testing
Publication to Apple Store & Google App Stores.
Social Media Integration

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