Galway Weekend with Tracy Bruen

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Tracy Bruen is a well-known Galway musician and multi-instrumentalist who has performed at major festivals like Electric Picnic and GIAF, and has toured internationally with her own band and other music outfits such as The Blue Birds.

She is actively involved in projects and events across the city and county that provide nurturing platforms for artists and are dedicated to boosting the local music scene. These include Livefeed (a Galway 2020 Program for young people aged 13-18), the Open Mic night in the Róisín Dubh, and Citóg Records – a local music collective that helps to promote local artists.

When she’s not engaged in these projects you might find her diving off Blackrock, taking to the stage with Fregoli Theatre and conducting local community choir The Blue Notes.

Keep an eye out for Tracy’s new single and video titled Dream Away, coming soon.
Instagram: @tracybruen

Are you an Apple or Android Person?
Who has time to figure out how to work an i phone? 

Presuming you had a signal, what 3 apps would you use on a desert island?
2dots to keep my brains active (and feed my addiction. It’s so pretty). Chrome to surf the internet and use it to check Facebook, and a recording app to document the slew of number 1 hits I’ll write during my forced isolation. 

What’s your favourite place in the city?
The Westend is the Bestend (and blackrock for the swimming) . 

Any hidden gem you would recommend for visitors to Galway?
O’Connors in Salthill with Four Men and a Bass, of a Saturday night. The place will be hopping on the inside, music to ninety, even the walls will be sweating – from the road you’ll be none the wiser. 

Where is your favourite place to grab a bite to eat?
Oof…. It’s Galway, there’s too many to choose… 
For dinner… Kai, Ard Bia, Cava
For brunch…. Kai, Ard Bia
For lunch…. The Kitchen at the museum

What pub would you go to for:

A quiet pint? The Crane for a pint of plain and a tune

A match? I’ve been known to accompany match-going types to Ward’s hotel. The Guinness is supreme (and sports).

Tunes? Where else but the Róisín Dubh

Any recommendations for a place to go on a first date? 
Land yourselves into the Blue Note. You never know what wonders those walls may hold of an evening. 

Favourite walk or hike in Galway?
The prom at sunset.

Most picturesque place in Galway? 
The road between Oughterard and Clifden has to be one of the most stunning drives in the county. Depending on the weather or time of the day the landscape, lakes and ever-changing light is guaranteed to take your breath away.

What are you up to for the weekend?
A mix of gigging, eating out, waking up before my alarm clock (because it’s the weekend and life is cruel) and I’m sure I’ll fit in a pint or two. 

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